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We’re counting down the days until opening here at Alta Blu (only a few months left to go!). Luckily, our people are already in place to welcome you through our doors. We first wanted to introduce you to Carlie Salemme, Alta Blu’s Property Director. It’s her job to make sure you feel at home here--and considering her optimistic attitude and all-around friendly demeanor, we can see why she’s so stellar at her job.


Read on to hear about her favorite Alta Blu attractions, why she’s Team Tar Heel over Team Blue Devil, and how she’s already planning sports viewing parties in our stunning backyard space.


AB: So tell us a bit about yourself.


CS: My name is Carlie Salemme, and I’m the Property Director here at Alta Blu. I’ve been doing this type of work for 10 years now, and I love it.


I am from Durham, I’m a Durham native. My husband and I and our 16-month old boy, we all live in Durham. My mom lives two miles away, and my sister also lives in town. We all went to Appalachian State University. So yes, we’re very close, ha!


I grew up a huge UNC fan. My grandfather went there, and while my dad went to ASU, he was the biggest Tar Heels fan you’d ever meet. He had season tickets when I was growing up and took my sisters and I to every football and basketball game possible...except Duke UNC games. He always took his clients to those.


I’ve still never been to a Duke UNC game. One day!


AB: Ha--we’d give him a hard time, too! After 10 years in the industry, what attracted you to Alta Blu?


CS: The location is really cool. There’s a huge opportunity to reach out to the UNC and Duke communities, as well as local people in the area. As a Durham native and a big Tar Heels fan, obviously the location was a huge draw.


AB: We hear you. Blu is in such a sweet spot--close to it all, but still a bit of a tucked-away secret. When you’re here, what is your favorite spot on the property?


CS: I think the outdoor green space with our projection theater is incredible. The idea of outdoor living is fun. It gives people the opportunity to really enjoy where they live and make a community out of it. We’re planning on hosting movie viewing parties on summer nights, and we can’t wait to project the big sports events out there. We’ll have live TV capabilities, so we’ll definitely have the Duke UNC games up--even if I can’t make it to one in person!


I also love the shared workspaces we have in the Clubhouse. Working remotely is such a big deal now, and that area allows you to have some privacy but still feel like you’re part of a collaborative vibe.


AB: Work and play--we like it! If you had to describe Alta Blu’s vibe in three words, what would they be?


CS: Sophisticated, charming and friendly. We’re really building a community here based on keeping our residents comfortable, but with all the best modern amenities.


AB: Anything new residents should know before moving in?


CS: I’d like them to know that at Blu, residents don’t just move in--they’re part of a community. My job is to ensure everyone is looked after. We have a killer team all dedicated to the same goal--we take pride in knowing everyone is happy and enjoying their new home. In fact, our Assistant Manager, Angela Sullivan, she and I have worked together in the past. When she heard I was moving to Blu and heard about all the opportunities available to residents here, she moved with me. We’re both excited to work together again and open Blu at its best.


But beyond the community, we do have some nice perks. We will be hosting a ton of interactive events (movie nights are just one example!). Plus, our concierge customer service is outstanding. Basically, if someone comes in with a need, we will try to accommodate it. We’re able to help with things both inside and outside of the apartment--we’re a support system. Especially if you’re new to the area, we can let you know where the best local coffee shop is, that sort of thing. Everyone on the team knows the area really well.


AB: If someone is interested in moving into Blu, what’s the best way to reach you?


CS: You can go to our website,, and fill out our quick contact form. Or you can call Angela or me directly at (919) 893-2258. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!




Thank you Carlie for chatting with us! We can’t wait to see you at Blu soon.