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Maybe it’s not the first question you think of when deciding to live with someone, but it’s sure to cause issues nonetheless—he’s a Duke fan? She’s a UNC supporter?

If that question isn’t a make-or-break in your relationship, congrats! It sounds like you’ve got a strong bond. Your love may be forbidden, and yet it persists. Still, there have got to be some ground rules in place to ensure your partnership doesn’t feel doomed every time the Blue Devils take on the Tar Heels.

We’ve seen quite a few blended families come through our doors, so here’s some advice from the A/B team on how to make a happy home with a house divided:

  1. Set the TV rules ahead of time—Nothing worse than a last-minute fight for the remote right before a game’s start. Break out a calendar each month and plan who is watching what, where and when. UNC’s playing on a Monday night? Sure, you can have the tube. Blue Devils interfering with Bachelor plans? Maybe watch your guilty pleasure at a friend’s house and give the superfan some space to spread out at home—you’ll both likely have more fun.

  2. Do your best to cheer on the other team—What happens when you do end up watching a rival game together? Maybe on the inside you’ll never be sincere in your show of support, but a well-timed cheer or pat on the back will go a long way in making your S.O. feel loved. Believe us, we know it’s a sacrifice, but so does your partner, which means they’ll appreciate it all the more.

  3. Make friendly wagers (but not the kind you’d expect)—There’s nothing worse than adding insult to injury, so we recommend flipping the usual betting rules on their head. You can still put “doing the dishes” on the line--but instead of the loser getting stuck with the task, say the winner has to do it. That way, the person riding high can whistle while they work, while the person feeling low can sulk in peace. Plus, it’s an immediate show of love and respect after what was likely a tense few hours.

  4. Share your pride (and space) equally--They say if you love someone, you don’t try to change them. By that logic, your home will forever remain a house divided. Maybe you can stomach a Duke t-shirt in the drawer, but what about when it comes to your living room—or your dog? Time to go 50/50. We like this collar for beloved pets, or how about this welcome mat for outside your door? If nothing else, at least visitors will know what type of place they’re walking into!

And if you’re living here at A/B, know we’ll do our best to support both sides by showing many of the games in our recreational spaces. So if tensions get too high inside your home, simply show your S.O. the door, and tell them to head to the billiards room.

Go Blue!