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“New year, new you” gets thrown around a lot, but we think you’re pretty great as is. So whether you’ve been tackling resolutions, KonMari-ing your space or simply recovering post-holidays, Team A/B is here to move relaxation to the top of your 2019 to-do list.


Next Saturday, January 26th, we’ll be offering complimentary chair massages and mimosas. Swing by the Clubhouse for 12-3pm for sips and snacks before enjoying 15 minutes of professional massage at an event hosted by A/B’s very own Angela Sullivan. The event is first come, first served; all residents and prospective residents welcome.


Wondering what wonders a short message can do for your self-care? Angela chatted with us to give us the scoop, plus some tips for unwinding at home. Read on!


AB: Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself.

AS: My name is Angela, and I am the Assistant Property Director here at Alta Blu. I also own a small massage business that specializes in chair massage and various events.


AB: How did you become interested in massage?

AS: The human body has always been an interest of mine since I was young. I always knew I would end up going into the medical field (or something along those lines). When I found massage, it pulled me in because of the depth of anatomy and physiology that massage therapists are required to learn. I thoroughly enjoyed studying the therapy of massage and how it helps the body in so many ways.


AB: What are the benefits of massage? Specifically, what can even a short massage (like a 15-minute chair massage) do for you?

AS: Massage is an incredible tool for not only relaxation and rejuvenation, but also for boosting energy and productivity. Many companies in this day and age use chair massage as a productivity tool for their employees during the work day. On top of that, it reduces muscle tension and pain, and helps prevent muscle and joint related injury. Added bonus: massage is incredible at relieving headaches!


AB: Do you have any quick tips or hacks on how to relax on your own at home?

AS: Although massage is an incredible benefit to an individual’s health and wellness, it is not always in our budget to pay for something that sometimes feels like an unnecessary luxury. I recommend adding massage into your routine, however there are great ways to receive some of the same benefits from home. Some of these include: epsom salt baths which are great at releasing toxins and providing healing for sore or injured muscles, and my personal favorite which involves a tennis ball or foam roller rolled on trigger points and knots to ease tension and provide relaxation.  


AB: What do you think the best perk is about living at Alta Blu?

AS: My favorite benefit of life at Alta Blu would  have to be the community that has been established here. We frequently host resident events and strive to bring everyone together so that everyone feels comfortable and at home. Also, as this next resident event includes free chair massage, in my opinion that is always a plus!